Struggling with monopolist Kyivoblenergo PJSC

Local community in one of the villages in Boryspil together with activists of “Justice Initiative” for three years were difficult struggle against monopoly JSC “Kyivoblenergo” the provision of low-quality voltage to its customers. Here, on this successful experience, we provide an algorithm fighting and defending the rights of way for high-quality electricity.

The reasons for poor quality of electricity supply.

First, you should understand the reasons for supplying the poor quality electricity. They are as follows:

In most cases, the poor quality electricity in the network arises from the fact that most consumers consume much more power than specified in their contracts. Hence, there is a conflict. According to calculations of the energy supplier, based on amount of contractual capacity of each individual consumer, the voltage must be of high quality, but, actually, the voltage does not meet not only GOST 13109-97, but also the normal conditions for existence.


The problem of poor quality of electric energy supplied through the fault of the energy supplier can be subdivided into two components.


Obsolete equipment (transformer substation, Integrated transformer substation) and power lines, the life of which has long expired, and the energy supplier is in no hurry to replace them.


The schemes of power supply in Ukraine are inherited from the USSR and are not suitable for modern loads. That is, the energy is transferred to consumers at a voltage of 0.4 kV, while in the modern world the energy is transferred at a voltage of 10kV, and then small 0.4 kV substations are installed for eery 5 to 6 consumers. Accordingly, there is virtually no problem with defective voltage.


Thus, according to NERC statistics in 2011, 80% of Ukraine’s population receive electricity which does not meet GOST 13109-97, “Standards of quality of electric energy in public power systems”.


Tips from lawyers: how to protect your rights?

The algorithm of actions to improve the quality of electricity can be as follows:

  1. Check your contractual capacity and compliance of the input automatics installed with denomination specified in the contract for electricity supply. When you start to complain, the first thing that the energy supplier will do is limiting you power according to the contract.


If everything conforms, proceed to item 2. If not, contact the energy suppliers and:

  • get the specifications;
  • enter into a contrfact on increase capacity;
  • pay funds under the contract;
  • the Energy supplier will increase the capacity for you;
  • sign a new contract for electricity supply;


  1. Write a complaint to the head of the district unit in respect of defective mains voltage and ask to measure the voltage and draw up a certificate. In most cases, you will only receive a formal reply.
  2. Draw up a certificate of self-measurement in random form. The energy supplier certainly will not recognize your measurements and certificate, but you will need this certificate later. It will become a reference point of a registered fact of providing the substandard voltage.
  3. Write a complaint to the National Committee for State Regulation of Energy and Utilities (NCSREU) and Derzhenerhonahlyad. At this stage, your task is to make official measurements and record the violations. It is the responsibility of Derzhenerhonahlyad.
  4. Once Derzhenerhonahlyad records the violation, it shall issue an nstruction to eliminate violations to the energy supplier, which it shall eliminate, sooner or later.
  5. Having the violation recorded by Derzhenerhonahlyad and voltage mismatch to GOST, request the energy supplier to eliminate the violation and reimburse 25% of the cost of energy paid from the date of the Certificate (drawn by you in a random form).
  6. Apply to NERC and the AMC with a complaint and Certificate from Derzhenerhonahlyad, with a copy to the energy supplier. After that, your problem will be addressed promptly.


If the problems with power lines and TS are minor, the energy supplier will address them on its own. If there is a global problem, the NERC will recommend drafting a modernization project and including the same in the investment program, usually for next year.


What sanctions can be applied:

NERC – operation license revocation from the energy suppliers.

AMC – 10% of turnover for 1 year.

Derzhenerhonahlyad – binding instruction and minor penalties.

The bottom line is that 95% of these sanctions do not apply, but the energy supplier knows that they can be applied, and this situation is under control in all relevant regulatory bodies, so he had to perform the required work.

Here’s a not very complicated, but prolonged formula of upholding the right to the high-quality electricity.

It should be noted that under this project it took us 3 years to achieve the full replacement of the mains (260 poles), and install 3 new TPs. The cost of works was more than UAH 2 mln. The time of works took only 3 months, tut this required 3 years of writing letters to the appropriate authorities.

Still, a positive result was obtained and the community gained a legitimate right to receive the high-quality services.

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