About us

Legal Initiative is ​​a public association of legal experts, lawyers and individual activists with a strong social position, combined by a shared vision of society and state development as a whole.

Our goal is to make Ukraine a legal state with information society based on legal literacy of citizens, their awareness of their rights and ability to use them.


  • Informing the citizens about the available opportunities to protect their freedoms, rights and legal interests;
  • Analysis of applicable laws and making proposals for its improvement;
  • Overseeing the openness and transparency of authorities’ activity;
  • Creation and development of volunteer movements to support the socially important issues;
  • Promotion of local communities in Ukraine, their well-being, personal and collective security of citizens;
  • Providing mediation between private, state and public interests in addressing the conflict issues;
  • Applying the European experience of local communities in Ukraine.
При будь-якому, повному або частковому, використанні текстових і графічних матеріалів сайту, hyperlink на www.prav.in.ua обов'язкове.