On combating corruption in the judiciary system

In Ukraine, the new legislation on combating the corruption was implemented. The adoption of these regulations is extremely important step in fighting corruption in our country as the main obstacle holding back the civilized development of the country and its economy.

Although the legislation of Ukraine defines a large number of positive aspects in the work of anti-corruption bodies, it does not provide for the basic principles of combating the corruption, required by society:

  • Transparency of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau regarding the investigations;
  • High level of public control over the proceedings in corruption cases.

According to the Legal Initiative NGO, the laws, to secure these principles, shall comprise a provision on the open registry of corruption proceedings to enable the society to control the arbitrary closing of corruption cases and hampering of investigation of such cases.

Besides, it is feasible to involve a public representative endowed with all procedural rights in the trials of corruption cases. The mechanism of determination of such a representative shall be approved by the Public Control Board at NABU.

However, given that combating the corruption primarily depends on purification of the judiciary authority from this shameful phenomenon, the Legal Initiative NGO suggests authorizing the NABU Director, in agreement with the prosecutor, to make submissions on suspension and dismissal of judges to the High Qualification Committee of Ukraine and the High Council of Justice of Ukraine.

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