Please read the information on the conditions of membership in LegalInitiativeAll-Ukrainian Association NGOand fill in the questionnaire.

Legal InitiativeAll-Ukrainian Association NGOis:

  • “Promotion network”. An open and branched chain of contacts and mutual assistance includes the associates, partners, volunteers, businessmen, government and community leaders across Ukraine;
  • “Fast legal aid”, Professional legal support of members of the social network of Legal Initiative All-Ukrainian Association NGOis ensuring the balance of freedoms, rights, interests and responsibilities of the citizens;
  • “Pravinform”. Information support of projects implemented under the auspices of the Legal Initiative All-Ukrainian Association NGO, the ability to acquire knowledge and gain experience in project management.

Any citizen of Ukraine who has attained the age of majority and deliberately seeks to change society for the better, looks for associates, partners and resource capabilities, and needs legal support for the implementation of socially useful activity can join the ranks of the Legal InitiativeAll-Ukrainian Association NGO.

We define the following categories of citizens with which are ready to interact appropriately:

  • Supporter. It is very easy to become an associate. If our ideas are close to you and you feel the congeniality of least some opinions, support our desire to make Ukraine a truly greatEuropean country, you are interested in changes in society and stateinitiated bythe public organization, we cordially invite you to a public debate and discussion online. Just subscribe to the Legal Initiative in social networks, follow the news, like, comment, and repost the materials you like the most. In turn, this will allow us to better understand your views and needs, and consider them in our work.
  • Volunteer. Volunteer is a person who is ready to participate knowinglyin a particular NGO event as avolunteer. This is an ordinary citizen, who is willing and able to pay a certain amount of its free time to make our society better and support the positive changes. Volunteerism in Ukraine recently acquired a new importance and we are glad to welcome all people of good will, you are the glory and support of our society.
  • Member of the Legal Initiative All-Ukrainian Association NGO. The NGO member can be an active participant in its projects, who made a conscious decision to engage in social activities with the like-minded persons systematically, to inform the citizens and provide legal advice, get engaged in organizational and other activities. We try to promote the members of our association in their learning, development and implementation of their proposed socially important projects..

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Legal Initiative All-Ukrainian Association NGO
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