On the dummy companies

in corrupt activities

The use of dummy companies is one of the means of corruption in Ukraine. Such legal entities are used everywhere, in public procurements, in lending, for tax evasion and in many other cases. How can this situation be overcome?

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On combating corruption

in the judiciary system

In Ukraine, the new legislation on combating the corruption was implemented. The adoption of these regulations is extremely important step in fighting corruption in our country as the main obstacle holding back the civilized development of the country and its economy.

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Statement of the Legal

Initiative NGO

on the events

in Mukachevo

Dear citizens! The events that have recently occurred in Mukachevo and shook the entire country could not leave our organization aside. We believe that in the face of external challenges, the government and volunteer battalions have to find a common language and treat each other not as rivals, but as partners. In order to do that, it is required to change the state approach to cooperation with volunteers.

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